Meditation, Yoga, Massage and Lifestyle Linked to Brain Health, and Recommended Treatments

DId you Know….?

—every three seconds, someone gets diagnosed with Alzheimers or Dementia

—Dimentia starts in the brain 30-50 years before symptoms appear

—Alzheimers Disease is the 6th leading cause of death

—The average burden on families dealing with late stage dementia is $300,000.00

—46 plus million people are losing their minds (this will double every 20 years)

—you can not patent a natural substance, such as pure essential oil for health

—cognitive impairment associated with aging is not only unnatural, it is avoidable

—Nicholai Tesla wrote about the effects of EMF radiation on his health in the 1800’s

—Alzheimers Disease is classified as an insulin resistant, Type 3 Diabetes

—The World Health Organization has classified ALL electricity as carcinogenic

—The FDA has issued warnings to doctors of lethal dangers associated with narcotic and           opioid drug use

—In 2006 Italy had huge marketing campaign to warn people about cell phone danger

—One can change gene expression through diet, lifestyle, thought, etc.

—In 30+ years, not one drug has evolved to help solve this horrific disease, AND consumers have been blocked access to certain DNA tests because there is no drug to address Alzheimers and dementia, and DNA markers are very rare, around 2%, to develop the disease.

I had the pleasure of attending this week long Summit hosted by Jonathan Landsman, in which he interviewed 31 functional medicine researchers, doctors, and clinicians the world over, and they shared their concurrent belief that western medicine is once again, covering up the truth about Alzheimers and Dimentia. Since many of us are affected by the effects of a family member or other loved one being diagnosed with this disease, it is of paramount interest to us all how to mitigate this disease.

Yoga, Meditation, Lifestyle and Nutrition are ALL on the list of must do’s if you want to prevent or reverse the onset of these cognitive diseases.

OK Breathe…. see you soon.

Lots of love and happy end of Summer!

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