For All Pet Lovers….. Listen Up! Vaccines: About Health or Money?

Hi there…. On my summer vacation, attempting to become more of a blogger and website updater!

So… As many of you know my little “Happy” Dog is my sweetest most loyal companion and the world, for me, will STOP!, when this little guy’s number is up. As his Dog “Mom”, I have lovingly made his food and taken care of every little need he has for almost 14 years, having rescued him from ignorant Shih Tzu owners, via the vet who saved his life. As much as I consider him the greatest little dog on earth, I have spared my audience from too many Happy stories. This one I need to tell.

Now that Happy is 14 and a half, I feel more frequent blood tests and check ins might be a good thing. I have always spared him of vaccines, save one rabies shot, immediately followed by homeopathy to detox the effects. He had a holistic vet for most of our time together, although we have favored an allopathic doctor for the last 2 years due to dental necessities the holistic vet failed to recognize.

Since I am holistic by nature, the allopath had to pass through my hoops of fire. So, after $165.00 to check Happy’s  distemper, Parvo, and Rabies  titers, (the holistic vet would not have pushed this at 14 and a half for Goodness Sake), I am pleased to report Happy has sufficient antibodies in place at 14 and a half from the time he was 8 months, the last time he received the distemper and Parvo shot.

Why I am sharing this information: We as a culture and our pets are in a word…. OVER VACCINATED, which, by the way, should be a crime!

Little Happy fought first against a poison that almost killed him. I adopted him and became his personal chef, trainer, massage therapist and sweetheart, and he is going strong despite all odds. We continue to learn together what makes him strong and what makes him weak. He still prefers long walks, good food and lots of snuggles, especially in the morning!

Dogs are our best friends, in my opinion, because they share so many of our values and our tastes. They eat our food, sleep where we sleep, love our children as their own, and never need to pack or procrastinate when it is time for a vacation!

Please use this info to educate yourself, and your families as to the necessity, and potential harm of prolonged vaccination. Ask your vet to “run titers” as an alternate to vaccines, and, keep asking questions. Who is being served by this visit, this protocol, this vaccine? 

Be Well Always, in All Ways!!!!

Love, Meredith

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