Meredith’s yoga teachings are firmly based in the ancient Indian tradition of classical yoga as defined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. She also incorporates her vast knowledge and formal training of spine alignment and somato-respiratory integration making her Hatha yoga classes deeply therapeutic albeit challenging.

“The practice of Hatha yoga uncovers the connection between body and mind, while profoundly transforming both. Practicing the postures brings physical health and vitality, mental clarity, emotional balance, and inner peace. As we learn to extend awareness to each part of our bodies, we can explore the limitless potential of mind and soul.” – Meredith Musick.

Meredith is known for incorporating the use of yoga props and facilitating intelligent selection and modification of the postures enabling students of all abilities to work to their greatest potential and overcome their particular physical challenges.

With over 2000 hours of teacher training and 23+ years experience teaching classes weekly, Meredith is a master teacher of the art and science of yoga.


I want to acknowledge Meredith's teachings of yoga philosophy, It's a pleasure to be able to access yoga\'s philosophies at the same time as the asanas. Her classes are challenging yet delightful. Her stories, tales and meditations are something to carry over off the mat and into our daily lives.
Marina T. - Naples - United States
Meredith's yoga classes are inspiring, challenging, and very enlightening. What I enjoy the most is not only learning about alignment based yoga asanas, but also about mediation and breath work. Meredith is a compassionate, helpful and very experience yoga teacher who deeply cares about her students. Since my first yoga class with Meredith 3 years ago, my practice has become more meaningful, advanced and healthful.
Sandra M. - Naples - United States
Meredith is yoga personified: love and joy in action. Namaste.
Joan K. - Naples - United States
Meredith\'s gentle yoga class is super, and I love the meditation!
Wendy G. - Naples - United States
Meredith has been a life/body coach in every class I take with her. She always asks if anyone has issues and tailors her practice to address those issues. She has saved my body from pain too many times to count.
Amy K. - Naples - United States
Meredith your classes have made such a difference in my life. Last year my partner of 17 years died after suffering from Parkinson\'s disease. Returning to yoga, especially your classes, with you focus on meditation has helped me physically, mentally and emotionally. I\'m immensely grateful.
Laura S. - Naples - United States
I truly love and look forward to all my classes with Meredith. I appreciate and enjoy how she includes teaching in the philosophy of yoga with physical instruction. I have learned so much from her! Her "basic" class what the very first yoga class I had ever taken and I credit her for starting me on the right yoga path. I've never looked back, and I'm so grateful for having this strong foundation in yoga. Thank you Meredith.
Susan R. - Naples - United States