Solar Eclipse…. Let’s Salute!

Happy Solar Eclipse.  Viewing with sunglasses and a colander, there is a visible bite out of the sun…, it almost looks light night is falling; no, it is still afternoon…. ok, now what?

Who are we without the sun? During the darkest hours of the night, when sleep is elusive, as I long for the light to creep past the window sill, images of sun and shadows dance in my mind.   With the light comes a new day, hope and a sense that one can male progress impossible in the pitch black. Shedding light on any subject brings it into focus and possibility.

For eons, yogis practice sun salutes to honor light and bring into our cells through repetitive and millennial practices.   During the eclipse, we are reminded of the shadow side of light…. the small nature of our selves and the vast nature of the planet.

108 is an auspicious number used for prayer, the number of human sins we possess, and the number of sun salutations needed to cleanse ourselves and prepare for the coming times. It is suggested to practice this ritual on one’s birthday and the New Year, plus other times, when rights of passage require attention. Work up to this number slowly, and the day you decide to dive into the 108 magic, you will be amazed at how effortless the practice becomes.

Can we evolve through sun salutations? Check out this trilogy of Sun salutations from the original to the modern Sun A and B.


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