Sunrider Foods

Sunrider is the largest herbal company in the world, and they combine ancient Chinese medicine with state of the art manufacturing facilities. Torrence, California is home to the US facility. Rather than simply dry and process herbs, Sunrider Foods literally juices the plants, condenses them so they are highly concentrated, and, using proprietary methods, flash dries them without losing nutrients. Many of the machines were invented by scientists Dr. Tei-Fu Chen and Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, of whom started the company almost 40 years ago.

When you consume Sunrider foods, you are consuming synergistically blended recipes and you can feel this super nutrition immediately. Meredith has used them for over 15 years. While they make literally hundreds of products, Meredith feels their Basics line has proven the most valuable.


Consuming NuPlus and Calli Tea or Fortune Delight, Quinary, assists Meredith to feel well nourished and balanced. She has felt the changes associated with aging and menopause, which for her have been relatively minimal due to the nourishing effects of the Coix fruit, Chinese yam and the other uniquely combined ingredients.

Sunrider bases its research on Chinese philosophy of regenerative medicine. If one properly cleanses the cells of the body from toxin wastes, nourishes the body with balanced food, and maintains proper pH balance at the cellular level, the body will continue to heal and thrive. Fortune Delight is a product that is incredibly hydrating and provides assistance with mental stamina.

Meredith has used Sunbreeze oil on her clients and herself for many years. Its analgesic properties can be used for everything from Headache to sore muscles and even indigestion as it is edible!

Sunrider’s food grade fruit and vegetable rinse is amazing to keep in a travel bag, especially when traveling to places where the water is suspect. Meredith uses it to wash all my organic fruits and veggies.

As a multi level marketing company, the best way to purchase at a discount is to become a member at Please contact Meredith via the Contact page if you would like to learn how to create an account at Sunrider or have more questions about the company and its products.

Meredith’s Nutrition Tips:

Stay hydrated through the foods you consume, more than the water you drink! Since water by itself is more cleansing than hydrating, it is often helpful to add some lemon or other fresh fruit to the water to give it minerals your body can use.

Warm Miso soup is another wonderful way to start or end any day, with its delightful balance of fermentation for better digestion, minerals and fluids. For those avoiding soy, there are many other types of Miso available. I love the varieties from a company called South River,and am currently enjoying the hearty brown rice flavor. These are in the refrigerated section of your Organic health food store.

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